Starting with Solong

Install(preview version)

The official version of Solong extension is available in chrome extension store Open Chrome explorer,go to

click “Add to Chrome” to add solong to your extensions

We suggest you to pin ‘Solong’ to your extension bar for convenient use

After installation,Click the solong extension to pop it up, you will see this page

After set your password,you will need to choose create an account or import an existed one. If you choose to create an account,Solong will generate the mnemonic words and you should note them down and keep in safe place

You can also import your account by input the mnemonic words:

Now you are done with initializing your account.


For assets transfer,if SOL,you can just click “Send” button in the main page, for other SPL tokens,you click the token in the assets list and click “Send”:

then input the receiver’s address and the amount of token you want to transfer to your recipient.

If you want to receive assets,Click “Receive” and choose the assets you want to receive:

Then you can either use the QR code or copy the deposit address

Play with Dapps

With Solong Extension,we can use it to interact with any Solana Dapps smoothly. Let’s take for example to explore how we use it.

Once you have done with the install,open then click “Connect” button on the top right corner, then you authorize your current account:

Now you have authorized/logged with your account

then we try to place an order,after you click “BUY” or “SELL”,a pop up will ask for your confirmation to sign these transactions:

Click “Confirm” to confirm or reject to deny

The same process apply to other actions like cancel, settle, etc.

solong wallet